Interning at a Real Estate Private Equity Developer Firm — My Takeaways

From how I landed the internship to the pros and cons

Branden Bedoya


Crazy about working in Private Equity, with developers, or general real estate? I got a taste of what it’s like over a ~4-month period.

First, some context — Project Destined, an undergraduate program

I was introduced to an undergraduate program that pays undergrad students to learn about commercial real estate and connects students with partners to land internships/jobs at top real estate companies. This program was called Project Destined, which I absolutely recommend for any students looking to learn more about the world of real estate.

Highlights of the program:

  • 3 months long, paid $150 per month
  • ~3–4 meetings per week
  • Lessons through their online portal and from live speakers at top companies on current commercial real estate topics

Here is a link to my Notion with all the high-level notes on what I learned through Project Destined

Project Destined’s partners

How Did You Land the Real Estate Private Equity Internship?

All the different student teams from Project Destined (10–15 students per team, about 60 teams nationwide), were partnered with different real estate companies. My team happened to be partnered with Ram Realty Advisors, which are developers that have ~$400M AUM and primarily build luxury (A-class) multifamily units (250–300 units), and luxury brand retail companies (think Whole Foods, Walgreens, etc).

Myself and one other student from my team expressed interest in learning more after the Project Destined program ended, and the real estate private equity firm agreed to set us up with a paid, two-week internship before our main summer internships began, right after our school semester ended. Very big blessing there.

What Did The Internship Look Like?

Here is a link to a 40-second Instagram Reel I created that highlighted the fun parts of the internship. In short:

  • Driving an hour to the office and…



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