How I Invest Like a Boss, Part 2— Advanced Strategies and Tactics

Part two of my investment strategies and tactics to finesse the system

Branden Bedoya
4 min readJan 24, 2022


This is the second part of my two-part series. If you would like a ground zero where do I start, check out the part-one post here.

Stablecoins — Illustration

Strategy #1: Convert cash into Stablecoins giving 9% APY — acting as an actual ‘high yield savings account’

I Invest in crypto stablecoins and get a 9% ROI (virtually) guaranteed. I use BlockFi (here is my referral link) because they do not have fees (as of January 2022) on buying and selling crypto, which is nuts. I have diversified my stablecoins across:

  • DAI
  • Gemini USD
  • USDC

All interest made, I am paid in Ethereum (which gets 5% APY on BlockFi), allowing me to dollar-cost-average into Ethereum.

Updates on Strategy #1, as of May 2022

  • Now that Layer 2 is more popular than Layer 1 (and thus has much lower gas fees), a strategy can be purchasing Ethereum directly on a Layer 2 platform like Argent. (Unfortunately Argent doesn’t work in Florida yet).
  • Also, Strategy #1 here is no longer viable. I can keep my money in stablecoins (now making about 8%), but you are not allowed to invest more, and can only pull money out.

Strategy #2: Leverage Roth or Traditional IRAs to grow tax-free wealth

Roth or traditional IRA (Roth if you’re just starting out your career and are in a lower tax bracket) and grow your wealth tax-free.

The strategy I’m using to invest in both stocks and crypto: use Titanvest’s Flagship (20 Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft), and investing in Titanvest’s Crypto portfolio (weighted across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ada, and a few others).

There are other providers for both stocks, crypto, (and if you’re Peter Thiel), angel investing, but I like that Titan keeps things simple for me — so I personally advocate for them.

Strategy #3: Leverage corporations (like an…



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